How To: Build a bat box and get rid of insects

Build a bat box and get rid of insects

If your yard is full of pests in the summertime that you can't get rid of, consider building a bat box. Bats are great animals - they eat any unwanted insects and only come out at night so they don't bother anyone.
By building a bat box, you will invite bats into your yard and push the bugs out.
Building a home for bats is easy and fun and packs a nice reward. It is similar to building a bird house, but instead of making an entrance hole, you will leave the bottom open. The inside of the wooden box has dividers that are very close together to make the bats feel at home and safe. Make sure you mount the box high off of the ground in a warm and sunny location and that's all! The bats will eventually find your box and all of your bugs, too!

You Will Need:
*Rough sawn cedar or scraps of white pine

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