How To: Repair an Old Wooden Chair

Repair an Old Wooden Chair
  1. Unscrew chair and knock apart gently with a rubber mallet.
  2. To fix a broken stretch, use quick dry polyurethane glue, using plenty (better to have too much than too little)
  3. Wipe of excess glue. Leave to set for 10 minutes.
  4. Sand down the points that slot into the seat of the chair.
  5. Put the seat back on by bashing gently with a rubber mallet.
  6. Squeeze glue into the crack in the seat, use a clamp to hold the crack together (make sure to use soft wood blocks in-between clamp and seat so you don't damage).
  7. Before dry put all screws back in.
  8. Clean off the glue; be careful not to scratch the chair.
  9. Once glue is off, sand the chair gently.

Tip: If you'd like to wax the chair for an ultimate repair, you can find the 'wax chair' instructions in this video.

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