How To: Faux Ebonise Wood

Faux Ebonise Wood

If you have some worn scuffed wood and want to give it a little bit of life. These steps might help you to ebonise, taking half the time!!

  1. First, sand the wood. Start with a 120 grade paper and finish with a 240 grade. From coarse to smooth.
  1. Once the surface is clean and smooth apply thick acrylic blackboard paint. Apply in thin layers until there is a good blanket of black paint – this may be repeated until satisfied.
  1. Leave for half an hour, or until dry.
  1. Apply French polish using a brush – don't go over the same spot twice!
  1. Leave for 30 minutes until applying another coat (otherwise, it will peel off).
  1. Once satisfied with the layers leave for half an hour, or until dry.
  1. It's ready!

Video coming soon!

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