How To: Build a bat house for the bats in your yard or barn

Build a bat house for the bats in your yard or barn

A lot of people fear bats; in fact, bats rank third on America's most feared list behind spiders and snakes. Most people get nervous around bats because they are hard to see at night and can fly around undetected; not to mention that Dracula myth that hasn't done bats any favors.
However, contrary to popular belief, bats are actually good things for your home. Bats can eat all of the bad insects and other pests that will destroy your yard or home. In this video, learn how to know if you have bats and how to make a wooden bat house. This video will also show you where the best place is to attach your bat houses to attract more bats.
Bat houses come in all different sizes and shapes, but some are more effective than others. This video will show you the best way to make a bat house and how to know if your bats are actually using it.
Pretty soon, you will learn not to be afraid of these friendly creatures, but to actually be happy when you see them in your garage or barn.

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