How To: Build a drill press table for your woodshop

Build a drill press table for your woodshop

It is not that hard to make your own drill press table. Start with a 3/4-inch piece of plywood. Cut a 3/4-inch dado cut on both ends of the 3/4-inch board about two inches from the end. Top the 3/4-inch plywood with a 1/4-inch piece of oak cut into three pieces. When you cut the board into three pieces cut the center piece out with a 10-degree angle so that when you glue the two end pieces down the center piece will slide in and out but be held in place by the angle. This allows you to change the center piece of wood if you accidentally drill into it. The next step involves cutting two 1/4-inch dado cuts in the 1/4-inch board at the same place as you cut the 3/4 inch dado's forming a t slot. Now you are ready to make the fence. Cut two pieces of 3/4-inch plywood that are the same length as the table and about 3 1/2 inches tall. Cut a 1/8x3/4 inch dado cut in both boards at the same location as the dados in the table. Glue the two boards together so that the dado's line up to form slots in the middle of the two boards after they are glued together. Put a 4-inch toilet bolt through the slots and put a washer on the end and tighten it down using screw on knobs. The toilet bolts have a T on the bottom of the toilet bolts and those T's fit in the dado slots and slide along the dado slots to move the fence forward and back on the table. Apply finishing wax to the top of the table so that the fence easily slides around on the tabletop.

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