How To: Build loose tenon joinery in woodworking

Build loose tenon joinery in woodworking

Eagle Lake Woodworking, hosted by John Nixon, offers great do-it-yourself guides for building your own furniture, especially in the American Arts and Crafts style, and turning your garage into an amateur woodshop. Search Eagle Lake on WonderHowTo for more carpentry tutorial videos. From Eagle Lake Woodworking on this specific lesson:

I've developed a revolutionary way to easily create mortises on the router table. Traditionally, this operation was reserved for plunge routers. Not any more!! With the aid of my motorized router lift, I can create matching mortises for loose tenon joinery on my router table.

I use loose tenon joinery in a lot of my projects. Take a look at some of the other videos to see how to put this joinery technique to work! The video attached to this project is pretty old, and was actually the first video I ever made. To enjoy some old school video action - check it out!

The Video Covers:

* Loose Tenon Joinery Basics
* Motorized Router Lift
* Using a modified tenon jig on the router table for effective mortising.

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