How To: Make a Super Cheap Coffee-Stained Wood Pallet Coffee Table

Make a Super Cheap Coffee-Stained Wood Pallet Coffee Table

Turning unused items into usable pieces of furniture is a great way to save money and create some really good-looking pieces for your room. And nothing beats repurposing old wooden pallets.

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Redditor BaconStripsandFishin used old wooden pallets and a month's worth of coffee to create his own unique coffee table. To make this, unscrewed all of the wooden panels (top and bottom), placed them all together, and then screwed them back in reusing those same nails.

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Once he had all of the board together on one large piece, he sanded the top and trimmed down the sides to make everything smooth and even.

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Now here comes the kicker. Instead of buying one of the many wood stains from the hardware store, he poured coffee on the table everyday for an entire month. He then used polyurethane varnish to protect and seal it all in. The coffee smell is covered, as well. You can use thick pieces of wood for the legs and flat panels of wood for the sides. He stained those pieces with walnut stain instead of coffee.

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You can read more on his project over at Reddit.

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Nice table! Pallets are very durable wood that are nice for furnitures. However, users should also be precautions because htese apllets can be a source of bacteria and this might put their family at risk. Fire can be one disadvantage of it too.

Hi thanks for sharing your nice table. It costs really low and if we overlook the problems, pallet furniture is really great choice.

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