How To: Make a wooden doorknob coatrack

Make a wooden doorknob coatrack

Gathering the materials is probably the most challenging part of the project, though it's great fun.

1. Start by lightly sanding the board to create a smooth working surface. Then arrange the doorknobs across the board's face to see how they'll look after they're attached. Once you've determined their rough placement, remove the knobs.

2. Use a pencil and the straightedge of a combination square, lightly draw a horizontal line across the center of the board.

3. Use the ruler on your combination square or a tape measure to calculate the exact distance between each knob, and then mark evenly spaced vertical lines through the horizontal line to indicate their placement.

4. Position a dummy spindle over each cross-hatch marking and attach the spindle with screws. (Note: For knobs with insignias or letters, you may need to position the spindles on the diagonal so their patterns can be properly viewed.)

5. Place decorative rosettes over the spindles to conceal their steel mounting bases, and then drive in the screws to secure the rosettes to the board.

6. Secure the knobs to the spindles using silicone adhesive applied with a glue gun, and let dry.

7. Bring back the trim board's shine by applying a wood preserving and conditioning oil with a lint-free rag.

8. Hang your finished rack using the appropriate anchors for your wall type.

Make a wooden doorknob coatrack

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