How To: Paint a vintage shabby rose on your furniture

Paint a vintage shabby rose on your furniture

Artist Kate Bangs shows us how to improve old furniture with a shabby rose design. Take vanilla and fuchsia colored paint and mix them together as you paint them on the furniture to form the background. Let that background paint dry. With a watery brush paint the rest of the areas, including raised sections. It is shabby painting and so it does not have to be super neat. Load your brush with pink and white paint and make arches in a circle to form petals. Mix green, pink and white on your brush and paint blobs to the left and right. Link these with thin green wavy lines. Make more flower heads, starting again with three arches above and a long sweep below. Without cleaning the brush, add green and make leaves. Add in more background color where needed. With a smaller number 10 brush paint leaves in the corners. Paint quickly and add swirls to obtain the shabby look. Add a little grey to the background for contrast. That's it!

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