How To: Sand wood

Sand wood

Sanding is an important step when preparing wood for painting or staining.
You Will Need
* Sandpaper of varying grits
* A random-orbit finishing sander
* A sanding block
* Safety goggles
* A dust mask
* And a shop vacuum
* A pencil

WARNING: Always wear safety goggles when operating power tools, and wear a dust mask while sanding.

Step 1: Select sandpaper
Choose a sandpaper grit that works for your project. The rougher the wood, the coarser paper you should use.

Start with a medium grit like number 80, which can remove scratches and dents.

Step 2: Select a tool
Select your tool. A random-orbit finishing sander is a versatile choice. For smaller jobs and hard-to-reach spots, consider sanding by hand with the help of a sanding block.

Scribble in pencil over the sanding surface – when the marks are gone, you're done.

Step 3: Sand
Sand with – not against – the grain. Apply even pressure so you don't gouge the wood or create high and low spots.

Step 4: Clear the dust
Remove dust from all surfaces using a shop vacuum.

Step 5: Repeat
Repeat the previous steps, each time moving to finer sandpaper. With each sanding, you will find yourself one step closer to a perfect finish.

Fact: Sandpaper was once called glass paper because it was made with glass particles.

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