News: Mobile Desk Unit - Shaving Cream Man Solution Show

Mobile Desk Unit - Shaving Cream Man Solution Show

Do you need to get away from your office, but can't because you have too much work to get finished? You are not alone! Our sudsy inventor gets a letter from a man in Nuttsville,VA who's options are drying up, and Shaving Cream Man delivers a cool and creamy solution that's really outside-the-bottle! Shaving Cream Man, our whimsical off-beat guru of How-To, offers up his outside-the-box solutions. Some things have to be seen to be believed!

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Is that Christopher Walkin?

Wow! Is that Christoper Walken ? Wonder how to brings top notch talent to the table! Thanks wonder how to!!!!

Finally. Something that fits my lifestyle.

Way to go Shaving Cream Man!

he's been known to make how-tos-- like that chicken video?

He is crazy that man! But it's very funny! So A :)

Glad to know there are others out there that like to cover themselves in silky smooth cream!

Shaving cream creates a tightening of the skin and is great in replacement of a facelift, the problem is it only lasts a few hours.

Wonder if the objective of the video is to be funny or useful... Either way it didn't meet the expectations.
By the way, that isn't Christopher Walken for sure.

Isn't that the point of Chindogu? To create entirely useless things?
I think shaving cream man is under appreciated with comments like that.

omg thiz iz fake #$%@

omg thiz iz fake #$%@

I love having cream man! Cream Cream Baby!

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