How To: Insulate your garage doors

Insulate your garage doors

This video looks at ways to insulate garage doors to help keep the shop cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

The best way to do this is to insulate the garage doors. This shows you the choices looked at, the pluses and minuses of each, and why the final option was chosen.

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Great video! I'm going to try this for sure as it is currently 31 degrees in my garage.. :( haha.

Spiderman stole the show!!! Haha

Very informative video - now will try to find the material at a reasonable price locally, I hope.

Excellent, based on this video I've made my decision. Thanks for your the video

The constant lip smacking is killing me.

Please specify the materials used - to insulate I think this is some thing I can do and surprise my husband who keeps on telling me there is not way to insulate the garage door and it is not time yet to get an insulated door - please help me do this project.

This stuff works great! I put it on my garage door this week and already noticed a difference! I made sure to measure each panel, because each one was different. From the side, to the bottom, to the ones next to the lock. I used the leftover strips to wrap around my hot water pipes, and the bigger pieces to insulate my attic access door. Thanks for the video!

Great Article! Love the read on garage door insulated, Insulated garage doors are surely the way forward and a great innovation to home energy savings.

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